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Hello if you're reading this! My name is Olivia and a warm welcome to you if you're reading my smuck! Now let me warn you before you start, You may possibly leave with a Glitter migraine or stiletto obsession :)
At the ripe young age af 13, I decided to create my first blog. Although it was highly tragic and very disastrous I learn a tonne of valuable life lessons which have projected me through the many blogging years that have followed.
Now 3 years later I am here and I've never been happier and more proud of my blog. I feel as though 'Olivia Bucknall' Really represents me and how I honestly feel about the world right now, whether it is about Fashion, beauty or just any current debatable topics.

Contact/PR if you would like to contact me:

with any questions I love a good chat so don't be shy, drop me an e-mail! I love talking to new people, discovering new blogs and chatting to other bloggers about all types of bits and bobs. 

for PR purposes OLIVIA BUCKNALL is a PR friendly blog, however I will only accept products which I feel fit the content and theme of  my blog. 

for sponsorship/advertising queries I am currently not charging for sponsorship or personal site advertising as I am still not sure about the total idea of it! However if you are wondering about the possibility make sure to drop me a quick email.

or for any other reason for help or advice maybe? ideas and constructive criticism are much appreciated. Or just any other queries.

For General questions and PR, please email - Oliviatalliss@Yahoo.co.ukFor less important quieries, please email- Olivialilsad@gmail.com

How old are you?
I'm 16 years old

What school year are you in?
Year 11, which is my final year GCSE

What made you start a blog?
I started blogging even before I started youtube, so people like Zoella mainly as I always knew I wanted to transition onto youtube

What Camera do you use?
I use the Nikon D3200 to take picture and film videos, but sometimes I just use my Iphone as a backup plan

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