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Mac Is, 100% without a doubt, one of my all time favourite brands to shop at due to there long lasting, amazing quality products, Lipsticks being the main reason for this due to there amazing creamy consistency and the choice to choose between the finish (Matte, creamy ext) you desire. However the first time I entered a Mac store and browsed the endless shades of lipsticks in every Brown, red or purple possibly imaginable; I found it very very daunting to pick a shade, so I thought in order to help you get some inspiration, or just if you're a tad curious to know mine, I would show you four of my all time favourite Matte Mac shades. You've probably noticed by now that they are all the same type of shade -brownish- due to my huge admiration to how this shade looks on my skin!
*Sorry if you don't like browns*

01. Whirl 

This lipstick is amazing, as you can probably tell by its honour of having its own identical lipliner sold my mac, with the same identical name. It look absolutely stunning with a warm golden smokey eye so thats why it became one of my most favourites during the holding season when I have that look on almost every single day.

02. Taupe 

I never fully understood how well my mates knew me until I received this as a present for my birthday last year! To me is a dupe to the Kylie Lip Kit in candy K however in a luxurious lipstick form. It is one of the nicest shades of brown I own and I would highly recommend for anyone who wants to get a tad bolder this new year.

03. Persistence 

However much all mac lipsticks are the same this one is simply more amazing than all the rest! It's such a nice warm brown shade which looks wonderful on everyone and anyone. I think that this would look especially stunning on somebody with blonde hair due to its warming subtle tone which would really bring out the colour against the blonde

04. Velvet Teddy 

If you know popular Mac lipsticks then you probably would have heard of this one before. Velvet teddy is a very new one to my very large and growing collection however it has instantly been added to my favourites of them all- as my friend Eve instantly said it would be (she has been obsessing over it for ages and suggested that I try it!)
It has such an amazing texture and a beautiful light brown-peach colour. If you want a natural shade this would be perfect for you.

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