House Of Lashes | First Impressions


House Of Lashes | First Impressions

Today I thought I would try out a product that I have been wishing to use for what seems like a century! They are from House Of Lashes in the style 'Iconic'. 
Disclaimer: This is an honest review and nothing has been biased due to either promotional reasons or other reviews that I have heard from other bloggers or friends

The first thing that I seemingly noticed was how easy to store the products are due to the compact , cute little package with one of the most stunning design I have ever seen on a basic paper package. Unfortunately these products are not available for purchase in the UK (hopefully eventually they will *Pray*) so I purchased them HERE, this for me is quite a big letdown as I love to fully see the products before I get them as pictures sometimes do not live up to the full expectations of the actual products themselves and can tend to be very misleading. The lashes themselves where £14 and they have a recommended wear of 5-8+ time if well cared for.
The lashes themselves are supersoft -I believe they are made out of silk- and are attached very, very securely to the packaging when first purchased. There is no lash glue included so make sure you have some handy with you! I recommend the 'duo lash glue'.

When starting the first step of the application process I had a huge struggle with removing the lashes from the packaging, as they were extremely firmly stuck down to the curved plastic packaging. However after twisting and morphing the packaging into some new strange, new, bizarre shapes I finally managed to remove them. The thing that straight away stuck out to me what how thick the lash band was, and how hard it was to trim whilst fitting the lashes to my eye shape. They tended to be very prickly after trimming causing them to slightly stab my eye as I continued to wear them.

 I also had trouble applying the lash glue to the band. The lash band had a very rough texture which lead to uneven glue which took a very long time to dry. Due to the glue not drying it caused huge difficulty when applying the lashes and also caused one of the inner corners to become unstuck whilst I was out-nightmare. After wearing the lashes for a good two hours my lids started to drop as I realised quite how heavy the lashes where- to the point that I could not wait to remove them.The glue was also hard to remove from the lash band as you couldn't tell what was lash glue and what was the bonding holding all of the lashes and the band cover together


However much I have complained about them, they did look amazing so I will probably end up buying more in the future, however if you are new the falsie I recommend you buy some from a better brand like Eylure which are light and also a lot easier to apply although if you are slightly more advanced then these will be great!

I really hope you enjoyed reading my first, first impressions post; please comment if you liked it!!! 

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