Everblinks Lashes| First Impressions + Review



 • They can be Reused up to 25 times
 • They offer 10 beautiful lash styles on our website
 • Quite Pricy (around £25)
 • Made out of Mink Fur (100%)
 • Cruelty Free

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The packing on these falsies is absolutely stunning! Instead of having a plain clear plastic box like many of their competitors the company has opted for a more unique and stylish approach with a smart magnetic clip box complete with a push-pin cream design and teal ribbon detailing. After opening the box itself I was greeted with a tiny info card giving information to beginnings on how to cut, trim and apply them

There lashes are not only 100% mink, but 100% cruelty free- its a good feeling to know that you are not only helping anials, but looking FLAWLESSSSS doing it.

The lashes themselves are attached to the plastic packaging by three tiny dots of glue on each lash. I found this to be really really helpful due it not unshaping the lash as I pulled it away from it bonding on the packing. As per usual the lashes did not come with glue, however I found my eylure glue to work wonders with keeping them on like it does with every other type of falsies that I have ever worn. It does recommend to use duo lash glue with the lashes but I tend not to be a huge fan of it due to a little incident that I had with it in my eye a few months ago *Shivers with the pure memory*
I was super impressed with these as they fit amazingly to my lash line due to there very detailed shaping which also makes them appear super natural! They also blended in nicely with my normal lashes as they are not a thick jet black colour however are a slightly lighter shade of black. These lashes are really lightweight and I honestly forgot that I was wearing them whilst I was out which is very rare for me as I tend to feel every single moment of anything on my body.

I would really recommend to a friend?
Yes indeed! These are actually amazing and are probably one of the best pairs of falsies that I have ever worn, sorry eylure for betraying you! However the price does put me off- but if you do feel fine with paying that Kind of cash, then go for it!!!

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