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My day started perfectly. After weeks and weeks of early morning starts I finally got to sleep in so that I was calm and refreshed for when I woke up. Today was the day that I had been waiting for, for ages. Today I was departing off to Birmingham for the Clothes Show!!
It was literally Girls trip x100000; Me, Mum and about 50 million suitcases and bags at hand travelling to Paddington station so we could get a connecting train up to Birmingham.
In case you have absolutely no Idea what the clothes show is, it is a massive clothes and beauty convention that my mum thought would be a good idea to go to right in the middle of my GCSE mocks. The trip up to Paddington was fairly basic as it only took one train journey and a few stops on the victoria line before we stopped off to grab some nibbly bits before the long depart to the city where the event was being held. I felt a bit nervous and I wasn't really too sure why! The only thing I could think of that could make me a tincy bit anxious was the fact I could possibly bump into one of my internet friends- but the likeliness of that was very tiny!
Luckily on the train me and my mum managed to get two seats with a table which meant one thing for me- revision and fashion sketching on the journey, seeing as I felt really ill in the morning to had to miss some time off school

8.00AM was an early start for a freezing Saturday morning, but my excitement for the day took over and within seconds I was in a much much better mood. Rushing to the bathroom I threw on my casual outfit which consisted of a Burgundy knit jumper, black bodycon skirt  and black converse before attempting to battle to dodgy lights in the bathroom in order to do my makeup. Despite my struggles with matching my face to my neck I still managed to create a kind of decent makeup look before rushing out the hotel door in order to track down some source of coffee so that I could wake up my brain. 

Skip forward a couple hours and a large cup of coffee I was at the clothes show. The event was absolutely amazing!! Not only did I pick up a ton of goodies I managed to meet a lot of amazing people and look around fashion university stalls- which I am possibly considering studying in the future.
The main show had to be the highlight of the show as I had never been to any type of catwalk show so to be able to experience what that was like really got me excited at the prospect of the future!! I would love a world where we all dressed up very editorial- huge feathers coats with glittery thigh high  boots and large structures coming off out shoulder pads, so to be able to see such are so close up was such an amazing experience for me
Possibly the best part of the day was the massive goodie bags they gave us, which were filled to the brim the every single beauty item imaginable. 

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