10 Things I've learnt this year



NUMBER 1 To not give a Fuck what anyone else thinks
The most important lesson i've learnt this year is that you need a thick skin in order to survive school. The extra inch I have grown has really taught me to block out the rude comments from the bunch of pretty girls I'm forced into seeing on a daily basis and to get on with my life. Its not like there opinion is ever going to matter to me in the future! 

NUMBER 2 That your not always going to be friends with all the same people
This year I have lost, but also made some amazing friends. At the end of the day everybody has to grow up but unfortunately some people were left behind in neverland for a bit too long. 

NUMBER 3 Parties are fun until people start throwing up
Oh alchol! Personally I do not drink- seeing as it it illegal- however a bunch of people do! Just make sure to check where you step at the end of the garden and to avoid all bathrooms untill you get home.

NUMBER 4 Never walk around London in thigh high boot
The Blogger & Beauty awards was absolutely amazing, apart from the fact that I decided to wear a new pair of Thighhighs that constantly fell down my legs. Im still trying to figure out how to keep them up so i'll be sure to keep you posted!

NUMBER 5 Make sure you always check your makeup with flash as you are doing it
Not too sure if you've seen my instagram, but my HD powder has a massive flash black. Now i've learnt to check my makeup with flash at each stage of me doing it.

NUMBER 6 Straightening your hair every day is bad

NUMBER 7 Avoid arguments at all time
Remember what I said about petty people? They always try to cause arguments to always stay away from them, it's your safest bet right now.

NUMBER 8 To not break up relationships
-Just don't; trust me-

NUMBER 9 To not wear stilettos to garden parties
Sinking into the grass is not fun, especially when you're trying to impress somebody! Stick to loafers, over the knee boots or trainers!

NUMBER 10 To forgive and forget
As I mentioned in number one my skin has grown very thick as of late, which has left me to become a much individual. So what if some girl called me a slut right to my face- i forgave her within two days. However some people need to eventually figure out how to accept an apology

At the end of the day everybody makes mistake, but the message is we've got to learn from them and keep moving forward- its the only way we can move one

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