Beauty Blogger Awards 2016


Words cannot explain the sheer joy that ran through my bloodstream when I opened a random envelope to find a press pass for the Beauty Blogger Awards!!! God knows how on earth I - a tiny fashion blogger- managed to get invited to such a stunning event but OBVIOUSLY i didn't question that matter.
To say the day was amazing would be an understatement seeing as I had the amazing opportunity to share it with my best friend, and fellow Fashion blogger, Natasha Bance

Guess who got an amazing goodie bag! If im being honest I only expected something small and cheap however when opened the canvas pink bag, with a printed Olympia logo on, my jaw literally dropped smack bang on the wooden tables in the press garden! I had brilliant gifts from Slimming solutions, NYX and even some from luxurious brands such as benefit!

 My outfit made the day even better. I felt like a stylish princess *dressed in black from head to toe with my beautiful thigh highs! I have however lost a few pounds so the boots struggled to stay up my legs, but bare with me as I try and sort out a solution
Roll Neck Jumper - Topshop
Skirt- Boohoo
Boots- Newlook
Bag- Michael Kors

Then after all the excitement of makeup, nails and talks, me and Tasha create a massive challenge for ourselves whizzed off to an art gallery to take a few insta worthy snaps, but not before stopping off at the luxurious chelsea to get some lunch! In the end we gave up with decoding bus routes and got a tube back to victoria, where we made out final depart back into london.

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