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Hello if you've stalked me here from my YouTube and welcome if your new! 

Before we dive into an exciting world of fashion and relationship I'm going to give you beauties a bit of a back story on my mad and wonderful life so far....
My name is Olivia-Lily and in the freezing cold December of 2014, in the comfort of my best friends house, I made the crazy decision to uploaded my first video to YouTube and since then my life had been completely turned upside down! I've been to drunken party's, had weird boyfriends and collected a large stream of untellable stories that I've finally decided to start telling on is blog, so that they can be dragged along with my name forever and ever!(however using false names as I would rather not become subject to an unreasonable lawsuit...)
Before YouTube a lot of other things happened to me, some of which I would not wish onto my darkest enemy's but all will be revealed with time, patients and obv course, lots and lots of glitter. 
I'm sure many of you are wondering what happened to my 'Brunch In Chelsea' blog, which before that had multiple of other, just as terrible names. The truth is that that blog was part of my old life, and within just a year of starting it I have changed and matured into a whole new person; so instead of changing the name once again, I have decided to branch out on a mission to create a whole new platform in which I can express myself freely, without the nags of my old life on my old blog. 
'Red, white and pink' (which is the name of this blog if you haven't guessed already!) is an all new Fashion, Lifestyle (Stories, Relationships,Thoughts) and beauty. In the news of sponsorships I am no longer going to be reviewing any money subscription boxes unless I absolutely love them, as I partly blame them for my blog going off topic!! 

So that was my mini ramble and dangle of my new blog, I really hope you can sit along with me at home, snuggles in fleas you blankets and drinking warm mugs of cocoa whilst enjoying the thrills of the seasons together!

Just remember to stay Beautiful :) xx

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