Let be honest, pitch black at 4pm can be pretty darn depressing especially after you've spend all the light hours at school or work, so this is a little list I've created of how you can be happy during the cold and wet weather!

1. Write a list on things to be happy about
Hand this somewhere you can see it! By seeing this, every time you are feeling down you can look at this and feel instantly refreshed and smilyer! You can add things like upcoming events o0u are looking forward to, people you love and any recent achievements!
2. Get a makeover
These amazing gifts always put me in an amazing mood, so not only do it look brighter but I feel happier! Try and go to a different brand each time, sometimes they even give you a few freebies (Probably in tester size) so you have a few new tools and products to use when you get back to your crib!!

3. Watch your favorite movie
Nothing makes me happier then sitting down and watching my all time favourite film; meet the robinsons! Its not just thw whole movie in general but the whole message of the move, keep moving forward, which I use in my everyday life constantly.
4. Buy a whole new outfit
Retail therapy instantly cheers me up, nothings better that dressing youself all up in something that you look drop dead gorgeous in!!!

5. Try meditating
Honestly I never do this, however I know loads and loads of blogger who do! Its to do with clensing to soul ext ext, so if you are feeling sad, depressed or worreid about something then give it a go!

No only is it a mini jaw workout but you instantly feel brighter and smilyer!! 

7. Have a bath
Grab your favourite lush goodies and fill your bath right up to the rum, decorate with candle and put on a movie! This is what I call the perfet sunday evening as it totaly whipes away all my school-morning blues
8. Watch the sunset

9. Go Shopping
A bit of retail therapy is the bet kind of relaxing you can do! Why not treat yourself to bathbombs and take a relaxing bath or buy a whole new face of makeup!

10. Have some you time
Maybe take a little walk through the park, read a book or 20 tubs of ben and jerry's whilst binge watching stranger things on netflix? Dont lie to yourself; everybody does it!!

So here are the ways to be happy! Make sure to leave a comment and why not follow me on Bloglovin whilst your at it?? 

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