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Finally autumn has come, which means warm hot cocoa, snuggly tartan blankets and bold, berry lips every single snuggly day!
I've always had a huge love for everything autumn-like, from the wide spectrum of different coloured leaves, to the oversize cable-knit jumpers, leggings and uggs, which are suddenly social-acceptable to wear around in public, not just during the 12 hour weekly netflix series binges (Don't lie I know you all have them!). But even since i've matured and experimented more and more with different colours of eyeshadows, autumns the time when Berry lips and dark smokey eyes are fashioned in the daytime; not just for the casual party or drunken club.
So in order to get you all into the Halloween-Bonife-Christmas spirit, I compiled a list off my top fall makeup products that you absolutely 100% must purchase! All of these products are the ones that I didn't throw out in my end of season clearout last year, and the ones that I continue to repurchase over and over again. These are just my makeup must haves, all other items are coming soon!!!!

 Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit Light-Medium
To say this product is amazing is the understatement of the century! This contour kit it the first product I had ever purchased from Anastasia and it certainly will not be my last. It's wide range of trio shades in bronzer and highlight form add up to create a pallet of sheer delight and wonder. Not only are the colours highly pigmented, but they are painless to blend out, so that it doesn't appear that you have a streak of dirt crossing your face like the hundreds of girls that I see at school daily. Although this product is slightly price (£39 at Beauty Bay) I highly suggest that your purchase it, as you have to experience at least one beautiful product from anastasia at least once in your lifetime! 

Mac soft and gentle highlighter
This highlighter gives off such a glow that you could be mistaken as an angel. I purchased this product on a whim at duty free  as I was yet to find a highlighter that gave me the extreme glow that I desired even though my collection of every type of highlight was growing at such an abnormally rapid rate. Whilst I was shopping at duty free I stumbled across it, my eyes instantly locked onto the glow, making me grab my mums arm and basically forcing her to add it to the already towering items of makeup I was already purchasing (It was duty free okay, it's basically the law to purchase an extraordinary amount of makeup!). This is by far the best highlighter I have ever used as it gives off an abnormal glow which makes you look part alien (In a good way!). I would really recommend you get this if you also had the endless struggle to find a highlighter which actually made an effect on your skin!! 

Benifit Hola Bronzer

Honestly, the best part of this product is the brush and I'm not afraid to admit it! The soft bristles caress your skin so gently whilst evenly applying the product to your cheek bones, or lack off if you are like me. This was also a rushed duty free our chance that was one of the best speedy buys of my life. Even though this product was a pain to photograph (I do not envy the people who have to snap things like this on the daily) it is completely made up by the break-away pigment that the brush picked up perfectly. This is the perfect little travel item and it also amazing to give you the more natural look this Autumn, especially if you are stuck in a prison like educational institution like yours truly.

Maybelline The Nude
This is one of the cheesiest, but also one of the best eyeshadow palettes I own. The pigment could be slightly better but the variety of shades can give you multiple different looks that are perfect for Autumn, due to the dark shades and golden tones. I got this palette a few years ago, before I even owned a Mac lipstick, and I have alway kept it with me as it is such a versatile item to keep around. Even though it is a basic it is perfect to create simple looks for daily use, as it also has no fall out. All colours are simple to apply as they can blend into your brow bone with no hassle and they all contrast together perfectly.

Naked Pallet
Even though ive basically used this pallet till near death, the warm neutral tones are  always perfect to create the best fall looks. One of the best things about this pallet is the brush it comes with as it has a fluffy end with is perfect for blending, but also a flat end which is amazing for packing on loose colours or high pigments! My ultimate favourite shades for the pallet is Sin (A lighter pink shade, which gives a lovely amount of shine), Naked (As it is an amazing transition colour throughout all the other colours, Buck (A warm brow shade, which is good for the outer crease) and Hal Baked (a Perftc golden shade that is not too bright; perfect for autumn).

Mac Paintpot in Soft Orche
One again, another duty free purchase (don't worry this is the last one in my list!). This is truly the best base I have ever used as I leave all colours staying out on my eyes all day with no fallout. One of the main problems I always found with primers and bases in general was how difficult it was to circle my brush around on top of the product, as it was just too sticky! However this product makes the colours look bold but also allows the, to be blended out, which is really important when using multiple colours so that you avoid blocks of ugliness.

YSL Eyeliner
I would admit to saying that eyeliner scares me, one single twitch and your whole eyeshadow masterpiece has been destroys, however this YSL eyeliner is so creamy that it literally glides onto your eyelids. Even though it is quite tricky to sharpen I adore the consistency and texture.

Collection Fast Stroke Mascara
By far the best, and possible of of the cheapest mascaras i have ever used in my life! Its unique brush shade lifts your lashes from the roots to tips and coats them in luxurious Jet-black goodness. I believe that it was only the small price of £8, compared to the pricy £25 that you would pay for the benefit roller lash, which is nowhere near as superb as this literal magic want.

NYX soft matte lip cream in London
Ohhhhh how much do I love my Nyx Matte Lip Creams *A lot*. I only own a couple but this one is definitely my favourite! I love how softly it applies, meaning most of the time I don't use a lip liner with this. As it is a subtle nude I can my my eyes as bold as I dare, without clashing with any of the other colours.

There are a few other lip colours that I love but don't want to hassle you with the long descriptions f why they are other gifts from god! Firstly the  Kylie Lip Kit in Candy K, which is the top colour on the images. It is the best matte lip colour I have ever purchased and is definitely worth the investment! The next is anay of the mac viva glam lip colours, The one I have been loving recently is the shade 'Back in vouge' which still gives a slight summery feel during the cold days and nights.

Rimmel Kate Moss 107
Finally everybody's favourite! This year i'm going to actually use this product instead of just staring at the boldness instead of taking the risk! Im also going to purchase a whole range of different lip colours for the autumn season so you ca look forward to that very very soon!

I really really hope that you enjoyed this little collection of my Autumn essentials! All of these products have been tried tested and loved by yours truly so that I can give you my most honest opinion!
As always, Think Pink xxxx

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